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The Maryland Regional Sports Power Rankings

I was thinking earlier today about “power rankings” and how they’re basically silly. And yet, silly in kind of a fun way. They provide fodder for debate and discussion, and it’s cool sometimes to take a 10,000 foot view (so to speak). That led me to the idea of creating power rankings of my own. […]

To Thrill a Mockingbird

Ed. Note: In advance of this weekend’s festivities I’m stoked to present the official Loss Column Mock Draft, courtesy of semi-regular contributor Chris. Don’t blame him for the dumb headline, though — that’s all me. 1. Detroit Lions — Jason Smith, OT (Baylor) The Matt Millen plague has been lifted. No more drafting like a […]

Ravens-Redskins Postmortem

It’s unreal. No one knew in August that this team would accomplish what it has. Of course back then no one knew who Le’Ron McClain was, or Joe Flacco, and no one knew that Ed Reed and Ray Lewis were going to be the show that they are this year. This game against the Redskins […]

Ravens-Redskins: Playoff Implications Abound

There’s a full slate of NFL football today, and discussion on any of it is welcome. The Steelers–Cowboys match, in particular, might get some traction. All eyes, however, are rightly focused on the night game. The hated (by some, though I think it’s asinine in the extreme) Redskins make the trip to M&T for a […]

Bunch of Dudes Get New Jobs (NFL Draft)

I’ll cop to not being much of a draft expert. I pay good money (not really) to have a Draft Guru on staff, and I think we’d all be more comfortable if he was handling the Draft Thread. Alas, Kiper hired him on as a Special Consultant and he is no longer available. For what […]

Run-TLC is the King of Mock

Ed. note: this is the Loss Column’s official 2008 mock NFL draft, courtesy of quasi-regular contributor Chris. Enjoy. 1. Dolphins – RB – Darren McFadden – Arkansas. Miami would love to trade down, but no one will be desperate enough to bite. After shopping the pick around to no avail, they go BPA. Run D-MC […]

Grab Bag: Hall of Fame, Terps

A few quick, non-Super Bowl items (scroll down one post for the football fun): First, congratulations to Darrell Green and (finally) Art Monk on getting elected to the football Hall of Fame. The Redskins are a team in terrible, terrible turmoil. Daniel Snyder has systematically dismantled all of the Joe Gibbs goodwill by botching the […]

Harbaugh Settles In…Fassel Next??

Say it ain’t so: the Redskins are reportedly giving Jim Fassel serious consideration for their head coaching vacancy. For those of you with a distaste for our neighbors to the south, rejoice. It’s true that Fassel has a Super Bowl appearance and a Coach of the Year award on his resume. It’s also true that […]