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Maybe LeBron Is Why The O’s Struggle?

I rarely talk NBA here, mostly because I don’t follow it. I am, however, a sports fan so naturally I couldn’t avoid the LeBron James drama. Now that it’s over (he’s going to the Heat if you missed it — good on you) here’s what I’ll say: in terms of sports that was one of […]

Who Would You Most Like to Whack?

This was the discussion that dominated my appearance with the Fighting Ungers this past Tuesday. Marc Unger came up with a great idea: a seeded tournament, a la March Madness, to find out who is the “Most Annoying, Vile, Hated, Needs to Be Punched Sports Figure Of All Time”. Read his original post on it […]

Mitchell Report Open Thread

One of my many non-sports pursuits involves co-teaching a class in Narrative Illustration at MICA. That happens every few Thursdays, and tomorrow is one such Thursday. George Mitchell has no regard for my schedule. He has decided to release his steroid report at the same time that I’ll be waist-deep in helping evaluate final projects, […]

Let’s Talk About Millar

This is supposed to be a dead time for non-playoff baseball teams. No news, no signings, no transactions, no scandals — just radio silence in advance of the hot stove season. Nobody really thought the Baltimore Orioles would go easy on us, did they? So along comes big, dumb Kevin Millar and his brilliant idea […]

Hollow Victories

Last night the Navy football team pulled off an impressive upset in beating the Pitt Panthers — in Pittsburgh — 48-45 in double overtime. It was the latest in a string of surprising college football results this year: Appalachian State over Michigan Stanford over USC Kansas State over Texas Colorado over Oklahoma Auburn over Florida […]

Quality Control

Apropos of nothing, I swiped this screencap from ESPN.com last night: Webster’s dictionary defines “Jauary” as “the month that occurs after December and before some boneheaded middle manager gets around to double-checking his intern’s shoddy work.” Real Gear For Real Fans.

Someday a Real Rain’ll Come and Wash All the Scum Off the Diamond

I titled the last post “Drive the Point Home” because of the statistic with which I led it. Little did I know, Tampa would take the notion and run with it. They drove the point home to the tune of 17 runs. My life is words. Whether or not you get a sense of it […]

Total Futility

I don’t know what to say. But because it’s what I do, I’ll still say something. I did an image search just now for “futility.” That search turned up this page, and the following image (click both pics for larger versions): What we’ve got here is a team facing an epic losing streak. This is […]