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The Boy(s) Are Back In Town

First and most important thing first: sincerest thanks to both Dan the Man and to all of you who participate with the site. Things didn’t miss a beat in my absence, and that feels great. You are in fact “the Man,” Dan. That said, I’m back now if you’ll have me. It was nice to […]

AST Dew Tour Coming Back to Baltimore

You might remember last June when I spent a fair amount of time covering the Panasonic Open. It didn’t get a whole lot of press, but I’d argue it was as intense and professionally contested as anything else in town last year. I enjoyed the hell out of it. And I plan to do so […]

Dude = Someone Who Works On a Ranch

By now you’ve all heard, I’m guessing, about half-wit cop Salvatore Rivieri and his penchant for roughing up 14-year old skaters. If you haven’t, though, click that link to watch the YouTube video that ignited the controversy. Now, there’s no need to get into a debate about Rivieri and what he did, whether the kid […]

A Silver Lining

The Ravens lost, the Red Sox won, but there is some solid Baltimore news today: hometown hero Bucky Lasek skated off with the top spot in today’s PlayStation Pro event in Orlando, Florida. Some of you might remember the cover story I wrote for PressBox earlier this year, highlighting Lasek and the Dew Tour in […]

Sunday Action Open Thread

Last night…ugh. I was up on the club level at the Verizon Center and a bunch of frontrunning Pink Sox yahoos were screaming things like “You’re in Boston now!! What’s up!!” For anyone with lingering doubts as to why all right-thinking Americans hate the Red Sox and their fans, there you go. At least the […]

Spreading the Love

It’s time to take a deep breath after that 57 comment (and counting) Orioles thread and turn our focus outward for a change. Specifically, to some of the other sites on the webonet that have shown The Loss Column love over the past few months, or for whom we just have a particular fondness. — […]

Tough Week to Disappear

It’s hard to imagine a worse time for me to take a week away. The Cal Ripken induction, the trade deadline, the constantly developing Michael Vick and Tim Donaghy stories, NFL training camps opening up, a weekend series against the hated-but-surging Yankees…the next seven days could very well be news-rich. That, and I’m going to […]

2-0 Socks in the Second

Bedard gave up an early homer, and Joe Angel just said “if Bedard is somehow able to win this game tonight…” Too good. I did a google image search for “Mark Burly” because I thought it would be funny to find a picture of a burly dude named Mark to put up with this post. […]