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Keeping Tabs On the World Cup

Today is a big one for US Soccer as they square off against Algeria with simple math: win and they advance. Things get significantly more complicated with a draw or loss, but if they take care of business they’re in. The other side of the group features leader Slovenia squaring off against England. In the […]

Trompe Le Monde

The USA attempts to do just that this Saturday at 2:30 EST in South Africa against the ever ballyhooed English side, who is again favored to make a deep run in the tournament. What’s most fun about England is watching the birth of national pariahs as they inevitably go crashing out every four years (providing […]

The Sports Latitudes: Kansas? Edition

Congratulations to Friend-of-The Loss Column Sara, who has claimed the coveted prize of bragging rights in our Bracket Bonanza. Nobody had Kansas — surprise — but her pick of Memphis was close enough. Yours truly finished near the bottom, which will happen when you buy into misguided Big East hype and subsequently lose two of […]

Sunday Action Open Thread

There are those who would argue that the Ravens‘ season is already over. I’m not yet among them, but I will go so far as to say that a loss today at home against the Browns would be devastating. And I more or less think it’s going to happen. We know Cleveland is going to […]

A Tradition Unlike Any Other (Apparently)

It’s that time of year again again. Leaves, Leafs, candy apples, Candy Samples, light wraps (including but not limited to shawls, tunics, neo-wimples, and jumpers), used Type O Negative CDs, Dane Cook, the farthest time from when employees of the PAAS corporation have to think about going back to work again, and best of all, […]

Friday Brain Dump

Today feels like a good day for some kind of Baltimore sports news to break. It’s a Friday, it’s a Ravens bye week, we’re on a three-day run of rain and chill. If you wanted some news to slip out, this afternoon wouldn’t be a bad time to do it. So just in case, here’s […]

The Playoffs and the Other Playoffs

Tonight the Rockies send 23-year-old Ubaldo Jimenez to the hill against Boston‘s grizzled, 40-year-old playoff hero, Curt Schilling. This isn’t quite a must win, but let’s be realistic here. If Colorado can’t find a way to get this one they’re in a serious no-man’s land. This series has all the earmarks of a classic “team […]

Spice Up Your Life

I figured the Loss Column should weigh in on the Beckham invasion since it’s been so grossly under-reported. Beckham is good for American Soccer in the same way Gorgeous George was good for pro-wrestling. Pretty boys are fun to hate, and when they wear sarongs and fauxhawks, they’re even more fun to hate. I will […]