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The Sports Latitudes: Kansas? Edition

Congratulations to Friend-of-The Loss Column Sara, who has claimed the coveted prize of bragging rights in our Bracket Bonanza. Nobody had Kansas — surprise — but her pick of Memphis was close enough. Yours truly finished near the bottom, which will happen when you buy into misguided Big East hype and subsequently lose two of […]

The Sports Latitudes: Decompression Edition

It’s a good Friday night to relax, sip a bit of this, and consider some weekend discussion topics. The Loss Column is — justifiably — known as primarily an Orioles site, but in fact this is a clearinghouse for all things Baltimore Sports. The O’s are a primary focus but I don’t want to entirely […]

The Sports Latitudes: Mostly O’s Edition

I’ve had a few interesting things building up over the past week or two, so here we go: — This one comes from the “this is what the Internet is really for” files: NumerOlogy, a site dedicated to Orioles uniform numbers. It’s an absolutely amazing piece of work, chock full of both interesting information and […]

The Sports Latitudes: New Beginnings Edition

Wherein we begin with a few Orioles notes… — The Mariners still have a strong interest in trading for Erik Bedard. I’ve also read that Toronto still likes him, and I suppose we can’t completely discount the Reds. Nothing appears close, though, which tells me that nothing’s going to happen before spring training. — Here’s […]

The Sports Latitudes: (Mostly) Local Edition

If any of you had difficulty accessing the site, there was a minor problem with the server. I have to give credit to Dreamhost for an amazingly quick and effective response to my support inquiry. If you happen to need hosting services, I’m not ashamed to say that I’ll get a kickback if you go […]

The Sports Latitudes

The latest in a periodic, enigmatic series… — First it was Nick Saban and his franchise-sinking stint in Miami. Now, Falcons coach Bobby Petrino has pulled a similar vanishing act. Petrino now has zero credibility as a teacher and leader. Say you’re an Arkansas player and your team is down 34-10 in the fourth quarter. […]

The Sports Latitudes, Vol. 2

Expect to see more and more of these. Of course I said that last time, too. — The Indians are up 9-3 in the sixth! The Rockies lead their series 2-0, and the Cubs play game two against the Diamondbacks later tonight. — By now you’ve probably heard the troubling news: the Maryland men’s basketball […]

The Sports Latitudes, vol. 1

Welcome to a brand new, semi-regular Loss Column featurette: the Sports Latitudes. I took the name from one of my very favorite natural oddities, the horse latitudes. In much the same way that sailors had to occasionally jettison some extra weight, the Sports Latitudes is a place where I’ll dump all the extra links and […]