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Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Scott Garceau

That’s right, it’s back. The Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings have returned for a “hey, have we really not done this since August?” edition. This week’s candidate is Scott Garceau, freshly-minted afternoon drive radio guy, former voice of the Ravens, and former sportscaster for WMAR (channel 2). Garceau is a longtime veteran of the Baltimore […]

Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Dave Johnson

In last week’s voting, Peter Schmuck rode the wave generated by his new blog (which, by the way, is pretty damn good) all the way to a 70% approval rating. Congrats, Pete. This week we turn our attention to none other than pitcher-turned-broadcaster Dave Johnson. Despite being part of the mythical “Why Not?” season, Johnson […]

Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Peter Schmuck

In a most impressive showing indeed, Roch Kubatko earned a 97% “yea” rating in last week’s poll. He garnered the most overall votes of anybody so far, and only two voters dissented — something I doubt we’re likely to see again. It’s a testament to the goodwill he’s built up, and I’m sure his post-Sun […]

Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Roch Kubatko

As of this moment, Jim Hunter is just one vote to the “nay” in last week’s poll. But it doesn’t close for about an hour, so there’s room for that to change if you haven’t voted yet. With all of the talk in yesterday’s Open Thread about Roch Kubatko potentially leaving the Sun (a rumor […]

Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Jim Hunter

Last week, Mark Viviano rode the lowest vote total so far to a respectable 79% “yea” rating. That’s about what I expected. Congrats, Mark. Something tells me “the bulldog” won’t fare as well when his turn comes up. That’ll have to wait, though, as this week we turn our attention to that stalwart of the […]

Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Mark Viviano

Last week, former Oriole great Jim Palmer scored a record-setting victory in the SMARs, finishing with a seemingly impossible 97% “yea” rating. To be fair, though, he also had the fewest votes of any candidate so far. The message I take from this is that people find Jim Palmer (the broadcaster) satisfying, but not necessarily […]

Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Jim Palmer

In last week’s third installment of the Bmore SMARs, ESPN 1300’s Anita Marks limped around the bases to an impressive 86% “nay” rating (which could change slightly in the next couple of hours before the poll closes). At first I was shocked that the comments on her poll weren’t more active, but I suppose there […]

Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings: Anita Marks

I’m settled back in, the site appears to be functioning properly (cross your fingers), and the Orioles are off before visiting Wrigley Field for a series against the seemingly unstoppable Chicago Cubs. Perfect time for the latest installment of the Baltimore Sports Media Approval Ratings, no? And this one’s a biggie, too. For today we […]