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Memorial Day Weekend Offers an Impressive Sports Smorgasbord

I love that word, “smorgasbord.” So exotic yet somehow…relatable. When I was a kid in Ohio we used to drive, somewhat inexplicably, literally hours out of everyone’s way to go to San-Dar, as true a smorgasbord as I can imagine ever existed. The food wasn’t very good but the desserts were and they had a […]

The Non-Fan’s Guide to the French Open

The French Open started this past weekend, and I’m willing to bet many of you didn’t notice. Following tennis week in and week out is a tough sell. Most tournaments aren’t televised unless you have the Tennis Channel. Even then a lot of them still aren’t available. For the ones that are, the schedule is […]

Orioles: a Road Split is Within Reach

Hard as it may be to believe in light of the last three games, the Orioles still have a chance to go .500 on this road trip. All it takes is two in a row at Oakland, which is not an unrealistic goal. Things look a little bleak right now but the bats can’t possibly […]

Sunday Baseball and Meditations on Greatness

Minor surprise from Camden Yards today as Roch reports that Matt Wieters is starting today at DH. I like this move by TrembO. Get the kid a chance to step back a bit, but maintain the momentum. Smart. If the Orioles manage a win behind Jason Berken it will mean 3 out of 4 from […]

Today’s Most Compelling Match?

It won’t end up being the Super Bowl. Rather, it was the epic, five-set Australian Open final pitting Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal in what is fast becoming one of the best rivalries in sports. And this one…damn was it good. The deciding fifth set was a bit of a letdown, but 1-4 were just […]

“Those Rackets Were Paid For”

I have no idea what this means, but here’s how it went: For some reason I was hanging out at this weird hotel/restaurant/airport hybrid place — a kind of all-purpose building that existed to serve travel-related needs. There was a large conveyor belt running right through the middle of it that carried miscellaneous items from […]

A Sunday Roundup

This was a busy weekend in both local and national sports news, a rare circumstance for early summer. The best way to handle it is to cram it all into one glorious post, so here goes. — The Orioles lost to the Angels today, dropping the series 2-1. You have to love Melvin Mora‘s heart […]

Roland Garish

The French Open provided what it promised: the two best tennis players in the world skidding around on mushed-up brick. Some of you may have an aversion to watching tennis for whatever reason. Even more of you may be unwilling/unable to rouse yourself awake at 9am on a Sunday. Don’t sleep on tennis. It’s a […]