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Tragedy Strikes the Orioles Family: Mike Flanagan Dies

Terrible news out of Birdland tonight: Oriole great Mike Flanagan has passed away. It’s hard to figure out what to say on a site like this when something like this happens, especially so soon after the fact when so few details are known. But I wanted to put up a post anyway because I wanted […]

RIP, Harry Kalas

I don’t know that I can add much, but I wanted to take a moment to express my sadness over the death of Harry Kalas, one of baseball’s great, iconic voices. It’s been a rough start to the season so far, but this game will heal as only this game can.

Putting In Perspective

Difficult news to swallow this morning: Reports are out that Angels’ starting pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed in a traffic accident last night after he threw 6 shutout innings against the Athletics. You all might remember that Adenhart was originally from Silver Spring and was a target of some fan speculation surrounding some of our […]

Still Wrapping My Head Around It

I’ll get back to regular updates tomorrow or the next day (that’s what we do, after all) but in the meantime I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m really broken up about this. Sean Taylor‘s murder has made it hard for me to think about sports the same way. I want to share with everyone […]

R.I.P. Sean Taylor

Hard to know what to say here except that this is one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed as a sports fan. Any time a life is lost like this, it burns. It burns for thousands of “ordinary” people every day who happen not to make their living in the spotlight. I know and […]