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UMBC’s Day: An On the Ground Report

ed. note: the following post is by UMBC student Zak Bratcher, who attended last week’s game in Raleigh. It’s long, but worth it. I remember going to my first UMBC basketball game two years ago. My roommate and I, both sports-obsessed freshmen who considered ourselves diehard Terps fans in our formative years, felt it natural […]

Retrievers Keep It Respectable

UMBC did what they could today against Georgetown, but it wasn’t enough. They played it close, showed a ton of heart, and can leave their 66-47 defeat with their heads held high. Hell of a run for sure. Hopefully we’ll have an on-the-scene report in a few days. Stay tuned. Oh, by the way: the […]

Let the Madness Commence

First, the good news: a Maryland team will win a game in this year’s NCAA tournament. The bad news: it will be the play-in game. On Tuesday night, Mount Saint Mary’s will take on the surging Coppin State Eagles in the “opening round” game. The winner earns the right to get throttled at the hands […]

UMBC on the Brink

<a href=’http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/125px-umbcretrievers.png’ target="blank" title=’UMBC Retrievers logo’><img class="alignleft" src=’http://www.thelosscolumn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/125px-umbcretrievers.png’ alt=’UMBC Retrievers logo’ /></a>Tomorrow (Sat.) at noon, the <b>UMBC Retrievers</b> take on the <b>Hartford Hawks</b> at home with an NCAA Tournament bid on the line. Folks have been calling this the biggest college basketball game in Baltimore history, and if that statement is incorrect you’d have to […]

Maryland’s Chances = Fading Fast

More bad news for the Maryland Terrapins Men’s Basketball Team (their play of late demands a formal address). Bubble teams like the Terps have to hope that the mid-major conference tournaments go as planned. When a mid-major #1 seed loses in their conference tournament it creates one more bubble team for the selection committee to […]

The Sports Latitudes: Decompression Edition

It’s a good Friday night to relax, sip a bit of this, and consider some weekend discussion topics. The Loss Column is — justifiably — known as primarily an Orioles site, but in fact this is a clearinghouse for all things Baltimore Sports. The O’s are a primary focus but I don’t want to entirely […]

Looking Ahead to March

Maryland‘s losses to both Ohio University and American University — at home — have done great damage to my college basketball excitement. When the Terps are bad it just kills the mood. Until March Madness, that is, when “which teams made it?” matters a lot less than “which teams should I pick?” A few thoughts […]