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The Case for More Pie

The left field position in Baltimore has often been cast as a competition between Nolan Reimold and Felix Pie (and to a much lesser extent, Luke Scott). It had been assumed that Reimold had won the spot with his outstanding batting line last year of .279/.365/.466, but you might be surprised to know that Felix […]

Your New Next Hope

On Tuesday, you can tune into the MLB Network and watch as the thirty baseball teams attempt to refill their minor league coffers with fresh blood. It is no coincidence that with free agency becoming pricier every year, a new-found emphasis on player development and The First Year Player Draft has arisen. But the draft […]

Who Would You Most Like to Whack?

This was the discussion that dominated my appearance with the Fighting Ungers this past Tuesday. Marc Unger came up with a great idea: a seeded tournament, a la March Madness, to find out who is the “Most Annoying, Vile, Hated, Needs to Be Punched Sports Figure Of All Time”. Read his original post on it […]

Two Ships Passing?

It might be a bit early to pose a hypothetical like this. Nevertheless, consider: are the Ravens and the Orioles headed in opposite directions? I realize that, on its face, the very notion sounds ridiculous. The Orioles have just completed a solid decade of losing (723-896 during that time, an average of nine games below […]

Mouth-Off Oddsmaking

Just off the top of my head, the Orioles have had at least three of their players mouth off and embarass the team in the last twelve months. It started, of course, with Miguel Tejada last year, continued with Melvin Mora a few weeks ago, and culminated with Aubrey Huff‘s little incident the other day. […]

Georgia Tex

Mark Teixiera is going to Hotlanta to play for the Braves. The deal hasn’t been officially announced, but it would apparently involve Texas receiving Jarrod Saltalamacchia and three prospects, and Atlanta receiving Tex and lefty reliever Ron Mahay. Before we start charging the Warehouse with a mob and some pitchforks, let’s dissect this trade a […]

Handicapping the Managerial Hunt

Following today’s whirlwind of Orioles news, this is what we know: — Sam Perlozzo is out, replaced on an interim basis by bullpen coach and longtime minor league manager Dave Trembley. The rest of the coaching staff has committed, for now, to sticking around. — Former Cubs and Twins executive Andy MacPhail is in as […]

Next in Line?

I’ve been reading the Orioles tea leaves over the past couple of days, trying to divine what might be in store for this frustrating, mercurial bunch. And I think I might have figured something out. Let’s assume that Sam Perlozzo isn’t long for this team, and that at most he’ll serve out the year and […]