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The Maryland Regional Sports Power Rankings

I was thinking earlier today about “power rankings” and how they’re basically silly. And yet, silly in kind of a fun way. They provide fodder for debate and discussion, and it’s cool sometimes to take a 10,000 foot view (so to speak). That led me to the idea of creating power rankings of my own. […]

Rounding Up the Best of the Rest

Here in the afterglow (for Ravens fans) of Sunday’s big win, I figure it’s a good time to step back for a few and run down some of the news from the rest of the local sports landscape. This is the kind of thing I hope to get around to more often. One thing that […]

Eddie Jordan: Canned

We don’t talk much NBA basketball here, but I do try to keep up with the Wizards. So it’s kind of sad (but not surprising) to read the news today that Eddie Jordan has been fired. That’s the kind of thing that’ll happen when you start the season 1-10. The biggest question I have is: […]

The Sports Latitudes: Kansas? Edition

Congratulations to Friend-of-The Loss Column Sara, who has claimed the coveted prize of bragging rights in our Bracket Bonanza. Nobody had Kansas — surprise — but her pick of Memphis was close enough. Yours truly finished near the bottom, which will happen when you buy into misguided Big East hype and subsequently lose two of […]

Grab Bag: Hall of Fame, Terps

A few quick, non-Super Bowl items (scroll down one post for the football fun): First, congratulations to Darrell Green and (finally) Art Monk on getting elected to the football Hall of Fame. The Redskins are a team in terrible, terrible turmoil. Daniel Snyder has systematically dismantled all of the Joe Gibbs goodwill by botching the […]

A Cold, Hard Winter Ahead

It’s a tough time for Baltimore sports. After their heartbreaking loss to the perfect Patriots, the Ravens are no longer relevant this season. Like the Orioles during last September (and the September before that, and the September before that…), all you can do as a fan is watch for the kids to improve and hope […]

Conversation Pieces

Sorry for the slow-posting week. I’ve been trying to finish up an article for PressBox and it’s been more difficult than I expected. But, hey, it’s not like anything happened this week, right? Heading into the weekend I thought I’d round up a few things and give a bit of analysis, then throw the floor […]

Agent 0-3

The Wizards aren’t exactly helping my cause to rally some NBA interest around The Loss Column.  They have started off the year 0-3, their worst since the ’92-’93 season, losing to the Pacers, the Celtics, and the Magic. The main culprit has been their poor shooting, with Gilbert Arenas only sinking 33% of his shots […]